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About Us

VietnamFlights.org – it’s online service that make searching and compare price for flights in Vietnam from more than 720 travel agents and air companies from worldwide. Our site helps travelers to travel in Vietnam easier and to learn more about the country. To buy cheap flights to Hanoi, Saigon, Nha Trang and all other airports of Vietnam use our meta search that totally free find best prices and special offers. With our system you can choose the best combination of flights, select necessary dates and compare prices. Our project is the most fast and convenient way to find flights – you don’t need to call in agencies and try to find contacts of air companies or spend your time to go to buy flights. With our site you can find cheap flights and compare prices for flights in Vietnam without any fees. We are not agency or air company who have limited offers of flights – we have the biggest variety and choice. With the help of our searching system you can find and buy flights online to Vietnam, Europe, Asia, Africa, USA and other continents.

If you want to find cheap flights in Vietnam, all you need is to fill in the form departure and arrival cities, dates and click “Search” button. In a few seconds our system makes searching and provide the best prices and all possible flights. The price you’ll see is the last price, no extra charges and fees. Also you can use the search options in the filter, specify certain criteria for selecting tickets, such as price, time of departure / arrival, the airlines. If there is no direct flights on you route our system will offer best connecting flights. When you choose necessary flights click “Buy”. Our system redirects you to our partner's site, where you book and purchase tickets, this time you can see flights price in currency that work our partners. You can pay for air tickets online with any bank card, it can be Visa, Master Card or Maestro. Your card account can be open in any currency, the bank will automatically convert it to the currency in which you buy a tickets. To complete payment you will need to enter the card number, cardholder name, expiration date and CV code (last 3 digits printed on the back side of the card), sometimes requires an address (write address that you gave in bank when register card). All data are strictly confidential; no one knows them except you and the bank which gets paying.
After you fill all data and pay for tickets you get an electronic ticket.


E-ticket - it is a regular plane ticket, but more comfortable and used worldwide. All the information about air travel (passenger name and route) is stored in an electronic database, and the passenger gets on hands itinerary receipt that confirms purchase of tickets. Even not every time you need to print e-ticket, only low costs required it all the time. It’s totally official document that confirm the contract between the airline and the passenger. You can print you flights after purchase and additionally it will be send to your email address. In airport check in the passenger should present the flight and identity card or passport. By the way, an electronic ticket purchased online is cheaper than its paper counterpart.

Returning Flights

Every air carriers and tickets agency has own rules about returning tickets. For example you can’t return ticket to low cost airline, and for the name or date replacement they charge additional fee. In the email that you receive after paying the ticket will be listed contact details , in case you need to change your ticket or to make return.

Flights for Kids

Many airlines offer discounts from 30 to 60 % for children. For babies up to 2 years old you can buy a ticket without a seat. Children under 12 can travel with discounts from airlines. But if at the moment of travel child reach 12 years, the discount is not available.

Baggage allowance in plane

Before choosing flight read details about baggage allowance in plane. In flight price include free hand luggage into the cabin, but it weight and opportunity to take registered luggage depend on rules of airline from which you purchased your ticket. Low cost air companies usually charge additional fees for the baggage.

Connecting flights

If you book connecting flights we strongly recommend to consider that you have time to change the planes and possible delays. For example if you find cheap connecting flights San Francisco – Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) with connect stop in Shanghai: if flight San Francisco - Shanghai ‎was delayed by fault of the airline and you are late for your next flight Shanghai - Saigon, air company stuff are required to rebook airline tickets on the next plane to the appointment place. If the next plane flies the next day the airline must provide either stay at the hotel and food. However if you bought tickets separately San Francisco - Shanghai and Shanghai – Saigon and first fly delay, the cost of the second you will not be compensated . So plan your trip in advance, taking into account all the points and chance to buy tickets in a single booking (one ticket).

If you have some questions don’t hesitate to contact us: info@vietnamflights.org