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Amazing Da Nang


It can be surely said that Da Nang is one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam. It is main city of Central part and 5th big city in Vietnam. Is still not very touristic that makes it more attractive and prices lower. Da Nang include totally everything you need for best holidays: golden sand long beaches, very big variety of hotels, one million restaurants and cafe, a lot of shops and local markets with food and clothes, few big supermarkets, cinema, a lot of attractions around and wild nature in Son Tra peninsula. Da Nang is dividing by Han River on 2 parts: first part between river and beach is good to stay for tourists. In this area you'll find small houses and compact hotels, also restaurants with seafood, cafes and karaoke; and on the way to Marble Mountains, continue till Hoi An you will find big luxury hotel complexes exactly on the beach. Behind Han River there is a city centre, where are located markets, modern shops, height business buildings and river view hotels, cafes. Da Nang is good as well for visit as for living, about all benefits we will tell further.

Accommodation in Da Nang

To stay in Da Nang you can find hotel or to rent a house or apartment.
Hotels. In Da Nang you can find cheap hotels with 10$ per night quite near the beach and luxury resorts with unlimited prices. All city is full of hotels – not only near the beach, there are also height hotels near Han river with good view and some more small hotels inside the city. For tourists more popular area near My Khe beach. Here you can good hotels with affordable prices. Almost all hotels located on the second line, but in peninsula and after T20 beach you can find big hotel complexes on the beach.
Apartment. In Da Nang you can rent different apartment with price start from 200$. The cheapest apartment is in the city centre Vietnam style. More fit for tourists is apartment for 250-300$. Prices for apartment range as far from the beach. One of best beaches and generally locations - My Khe beach. One bedroom apartment or house here you can find from 300$, 2-3 bedroom with 350-400$. It'll be furnished house with good conditions and modern style. Usually wi-fi internet will work everywhere. If you rent house additionally you will need to pay internet, TV, water (bill will come in house and you can pay in bank or online), electricity (every month will come special person to check numbers and later other person come to take money and give you check).

Attractions in Da Nang

Da Nang has perfect location and combines it with good prices for cost of living. From Da Nang to ancient Hue 99 km, to amazing Lang Co beach with its blue lagoon 32 km, to lively Hoi An with its colourful Chinese lanterns 30 km, to antique My Son temple complex of Cham dynasty 60 km, to border with Laos 144 km. So there are a lot of things to see not only inside the city but outside also.
Marble Mountains
Few kilometres from center located 5 literally marble mountains. One main mountain always full of tourists. To enter the mountain you should pass quite steep steps. But already is build lift so may be soon it’ll start work. In mountain you will see some interesting shape caves with Buddha and other religion statues. Also from cave open nice views. Down the mountain there are a lot of small souvenir shops and marble workshops. But of course you need to bargain to get good price. If you have motorbike is easy to visit Marble Mountains, but also you can come by bicycle or taxi.
Museum of Cham Sculpture
Built in 1915 by the French Museum of Cham Sculpture contains the world's largest collection of sculptures of the ancient Cham civilization. Several centuries ago Da Nang was the most northern point spreading of Hindu culture, on the north was Chinese influence. Entrance cost 40.000 VND. Near museum you can find few souvenir shops.
The 5th Military Division museum
Museum of the 5th Military zone during the First and Second Indochina War has such exhibits as the French and American planes and tanks. Also in museum you can see a lot of interesting photos and documents relating to the war. Opening hours 07:30-11:00 and 13:30-16:00.
hua Phap Lam Temple
Nice temple in the center with few big Buddha statues outside and inside temple. Interesting to see and to visit if you like such monuments.
Son Tra peninsula
This is amazing place where you can find nice scheduled restaurants, Linh Ung Pagoda, breathtaking views from the mountains and wild untouched nature! When you enter Son Tra you immediately forget that you are in the city – birds songs, butterflies, jungles around bring you to unite with nature.
Linh Ung Pagoda standing on peninsula is good visible from My Khe and China beach. Near pagoda you also will see complex of temples and nice alleys with statues of Buddha. Amazing views on sea and beach will open for you.
If you continue to drive in Son Tra after pagoda from rights side you’ll find few very cute and picturesque restaurants on the beach. There you can swim and you wouldn’t see waves. Before restaurants there are small steps down to the sea. There is also some temple that share beach with hotel. If you don’t stay in this hotel you can come to the beach – is also calm and quite. Sand in the beach a bit bigger than in My Khe beach and has strong yellow color. If you continue to drive you can pass roads with very good views, to stay in mountain inside cloud and to reach big fig tree.
If you’ll take left road in peninsula you can come to amazing view points, to see monkeys and interesting constriction of weather station. View points are organised and good for pictures. At the beginning of the road you can visit restaurant that located in slope with forest. Small arbors where you can sit on the floor or relax in hammock scattered here and there, from some of them open very nice view to the city and port. Prices are quite cheap.

What to see nearby Da Nang
Ba Na Hills
Popular resort with ex longest cable car in the world. You can enjoy views on the way of going with cable car, to stay in luxury hotels, visit wax museum, see Linh Ung Pagoda and entertain in park. Chose day with good weather to make amazing photos from 5771 m long cable car which highest rise is 1368 m.
Hue is the old capital of Vietnam located 99 km far from Da Nang. In Hue there are two parts of the city: modern city and ancient citadel. In citadel there is only one gate for entrance and one for exit. To enter inside with motorbike is not allowed. Inside citadel you’ll find Imperial palace, gardens, temples and other old remnants. In Hue is very nice traditional food as noodle and spring rolls. From Hue you can easily travel by bus in Laos, the journey lasts about 10-12 hours to Savannakhet.
Lang Co
Lang Co beach located 32 km from Da Nang and its one of the most beautiful places of Vietnam. Only narrow piece of lend with hotels divide sea from amazing blue lagoon. On the way to Da Nang through mountains, Hai Van pass, you’ll get the best photos and views of Lang Co. And in the middle of the way you can stop near small old castle of Minh Mang, where nowadays is a touristic stop with a lot of souvenir shops.
Hoi An
A lot of Da Nang young citizen move in Hoi An every weekend searching for parties and entertainments. It’s very old and the same time very touristic, bright and colourful city which for sure need to visit. Hoi And old city is protected by UNESCO. Day time you can walk and explore old but very cosy city or enjoy nice beach. Night time you will see so many light and Chinese lantern as nowhere in Vietnam. You can try delicious food and traditional Hoi An noodle Cao Lau, enjoy drinks on one of hundreds cafes and bars, make shopping with souvenirs, handmade leather shoes or to sew your personal suite, take a boat trip in river or to put candle lantern in river.
My Son Temples
Is one of oldest and biggest Cham temple complex with temples from 4 to 13 century.  Complex that was Cham capital located 60 km far from Da Nang and you can easily travel there by motorbike or taxi. There in jungles scattered ancient temples with traditional Cham architecture. Still some temples are under construction and protected by UNESCO. Inside area you can only walk by foot, everywhere there is signs and you wouldn’t lost.


As still Da Nang not developed for foreign tourists and mostly for local tourists if you go out from touristic area you will not find menu in English language. But if you learn some dishes in Vietnamese language you will not have problems. You can eat as in good expensive restaurants also cheap local and medium level but sometimes with perfect food. Prices for food are different. In small Vietnamese cafe rice with chicken will cost about 30.000 dong, in other places 85.000 dong and more. Spring rolls about 60.000 dong, fried shrimps about 350.000-400.000 dong per kilo.
Name of Vietnam food with translation:
Shrimp – tom [tom]
Rice – com [com]
Noodle – mi [mi]
Chicken – ga [ga]
Pork - heo
Fried spring rolls with pork – Cha gio heo
Fried shrimps – tom chien xu
Fried pork – heo hju
Sweet sour pork – thit kho
Noodle soup - pho
If you know basic you’ll find out what to eat. But if you say some dish in Vietnamese say that you speak Vietnamese, otherwise they will think you speak English)

What to do in Da Nang

What to do to in Da Nang at free time. First of course sea and sun and water sport activities. Generally Vietnamese very sporty people: every evening a lot of people make evening exercises as walking or some karate or something else. In evening beach is full of people playing football and volleyball. Also in the beach there are few organized sport areas with some sports equipment. In Da Nang you can find a lot of yoga classes and massage salons.
Quite popular billiard, but because of wet climate is good to play in a special glove or put a lot of chalk on your hand.
Lovely Vietnamese hobby – karaoke, may be you’ll also find talent to sing.
In few shopping centers you can find good cinema with comfortable sits. Movies are in original language with Vietnamese subtitles. Schedule you can find in internet also as buy tickets. In CGV Cinema in Wednesday price is reduced almost 2 times. In Lotte Cinema Monday-Friday also less prices. Also you can buy combo as tickets+cola+popcorn. And in shopping centers there are a lot of gaming machines where is good to spend time as well for adults as for children. And in the city you can find a lot of attractions for children.
In evening time you can take boat to make a cruise in Han River. It’ll cost about 100.000 dong per person. On the boat you can sing karaoke of course and take some drinks. Boats start work from 7.30pm and make a round in river. Evening walking in river promenade also will be nice because of a lot of light, sellers of some small snacks and good views. In Saturday, Sunday at 9pm you can see fire from Dragon Bridge – don’t forget your camera.
In seafront in both side of peninsula in evening you will find nice cute cafes with small tables and sun beds on the beach.
And of course Da Nang is paradise for shopaholics – small shops on the streets, markets, supermarkets – you can explore all.
Also only foreigners can visit casino in Crowne Plaza hotel near the beach.

Da Nang beaches

The best Da Nang beaches are from east side of peninsula. One long beach continue from Son Tra till Hoi An. But is divided by names as Red beach, My Khe beach and China beach. Organised beaches have sun beds, umbrellas, canteen and lifeguard. Very thin very light yellow sand and wide beach line is in top of world beaches. Also at least two nice and small beaches you will find in peninsula but with more yellow and thick sand. From west side on Son Tra mostly a lot of ships and no organised beaches.

Weather in Da Nang

Long territory of Vietnam has different weather in all parts. Relatively dry season in Da Nang and central Vietnam lasts from February to end of July, but the driest months are from March to July. Wet season in Da Nang slowly start from August and lasts to January. The strongest rain time is from September to November. Best time for a beach holidays is May-August, in this period sea is calm and rain can happen very rarely. The average temperature is 26°C. In March – August temperature is about 32°C day time and 25°C night, December-February 18-23°C. The temperature of water during dry season is about 25-29°C.

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