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Astonishing Vietnam
“Traveling teaches people far more than anything else. Sometimes one day spent in other places, gives more than ten years of life at home”.
Anatole France

Going in new place of our country or abroad we are expecting to see other life, to get experience and impression, to relax our brain. And of course every country has own style, traditions and stereotypes. And in Vietnam you can meet a lot of things that are interesting, funny or simply amazing. Look front of you and notice these small cute things, make your life more colorful!
Our list of Vietnam astonishing things:
Ice cream with peas taste                                                                                                      Watermelon seeds as snack for the beer
Mouse trap. According this thing if mouse decide to eat your cheese she will stuck in trap. And will scream calling all mouse family for the help and like this all mice will be caught!

“Old method of trapping rats is out of date. Therefore, use Glue-Rat, a strong adhesive which will catch them by sticking. Once a rat is caught, it will struggle to free itself, but the more it trys, the worse it will be. It will scream frenzily to draw the attention of other rats for help and untimately all the rats in the area will be caught in adhesive.”
Transfer. This is Vietnam trade mark. How they can transfer all this things with motorbikes amazed!
Again chicken. This advetising amased every time!
Bill. Summ of your bill can be count according some new mathematic rules. And almost never in less side!
6+3+25+125+60+10 = 229.000 Somewhere lost 27.000 dong!
Night sun beds. Very romantic sun beds for couples. They appear on the beach only in evening and specially for romantic dating. You can spend amazing time with your second half on the beach near whispering sear looking on the moon.
This time ducks. Very poor but at the same time funny ducks.