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Bach Ma National park
Bach Ma Park is one of popular attractions that you can see if you stay in Hue, Da Nang or Hoi An. This great park located 40 km far from Hue and 60 km far from Da Nang. If you like bird watching, walking, camping, nature, old French style villas, photographs, trekking, swimming and even canopy walk – Bach Ma park is perfect place. There are few entrances in park and different sites. Long time ago it was French village and resort. Sill a lot of villas remain and some of them work like hotels or guest houses. Prices variety starts from 15-20$ per night but we totally recommend to bargain. Also you can stay in park with tent.

To enter in park is allowed only with car or by walk. Main and center entrance in park is from Cho Cau Hai (Cau Hai Market) (see location on map). Entrance cost 40.000 dong. From reception you can book hotel (20$), rent a car to go up and down (900.000-1mln dong), buy drinks.

How to get up the Bach Ma Peak

From main entrance there is only one way that leads on the top of the mountain that is 19km far. On the way there are few stops where you can enter inside the park and to see nature, waterfalls and lakes. Walking is possible only if you have some special skills. Road in park is asphalt and made for cars, lead all the way up and don't have any shadow at all, may be one-two small springs from the mountains you can see on the way. If it’s hot weather will be very difficult to go all this way. So there are few options: to rent a car alone or to wait and cooperate with some other visitors, but it's not sure they would like to stop at the same place as you. Also you can rent a car and go alone or to rent a taxi that will cost 400.000 dong up-down. Also sometimes on the road are passing Vietnamese with motorbikes and you can try to agree to bring you up. This can cost about 150.000 with riding 2 times for 2 persons.

What to see in Bach Ma Park

From main entrance
If you’ll take left road exactly before Visitor Center you can see nice place for relaxation and short walk. It’s river and lake, there are Thuy Dien Slippery Fall (Thac Truot Thuy Dien), Do Lich Da dung and Khe Su Home Garden (Du Lich Nha Vuon Khe Su).
On the way to the top inside park on 8th km you can visit Pheasant Fall (Thac Tri Sao), on 14th Parashorea forest (Rung Cho Den). On 16th km you can see waterfall Thac Do Quyen, but you'll see it from the top. To see it from down you need to take a lot of steps down and it'll take about one hour. And then will be the same way up. Then you can continue way inside park to 5 step falls. It's nice place worth to see. You'll follow the river and cross it sometimes. All waterfalls connected and has lakes, in lakes you can swim - water is very refreshing. But the way will be not very easy, you'll need to climb rocks and cross rivers. Somewhere will be rope to climb. So be sure you wear comfortable shoes.
More up you'll find few guest houses and temple. About 1 km after temple you'll see amazing views of the mountains and lake in the center (Ho Truoi). On 18th km you can enter inside park to see Silvery fall and walk in the forest. On the way there are few guest houses. On 19th km is there are old tunnels, old helipad and highest peak Bach Ma which high is 1450m.

Loc Hoa
From Truoi and Da Dan you can enter in park from other side and you’ll find yourself near big lake surrounded by mountains. There are Ho Truoi and Thien Vien Truc Lam Bach Ma. It’s nice lake with peninsula where you can see Buddha statue. Near there are some temples and monk houses. To get there possible by boat. Boat round trip cost 240.000 dong, boat can take a lot of people so if you’ll connect with other travellers will be good economy. There nice to walk and to join silent live of temples. Very nice views guaranteed!

Have a good trip in Bach Ma National Park and enjoy amazing Vietnam nature! Also see map of Bach Ma park.