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China Southern Airlines

Nowadays China Southern is the largest air carrier in China. The company was founded July 1, 1988, the airport was a base in Guangzhou. This airport is still considered to be the most important political, economic and transportation center of the southern part of the country. New lines established with the support of the Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC). Such cooperation certainly was very efficient. Still young airline received an excellent route network and a great fleet.

Carrier began to operate flights within South China, as well as in Beijing. Very soon, in 1991, opened and international connections. For example, from Guangzhou to Jakarta and Surabaya, from Beijing to Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. A year later in the schedule appeared Bangkok, Manila and Penang, reconvened the former line CAAC Beijing - Nanning - Hanoi. Geography domestic traffic also significantly expanded. In mid-1993 the airline has already served 90 routes inside China and 10 international destinations.

Initially, China Southern Airlines fleet were Boeing 737-200, Boeing 737-300, Shorts 360 and Xian Y-7. Soon replaced Shorts 360 and Xian Y-7 came SAAB 340B, and were leased Boeing 767-300.

In 1995, the airline gets long-awaited independence from the CAAC. This meant, first and foremost, the right to purchase new equipment. One of the first carrier in the world got into their possession haul airliner Boeing 777.

Every year the route network and fleet of the company are developing.

The current status of China Southern Airlines - the largest shareholder airline which has representatives both within China and abroad.
The route network of China Southern Airlines covers more than 110 points in mainland China and Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South East Asia, Australia and Oceania, North America, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Carrier support frequently flying passengers. For them was organized a special Sky Pearl Club, which offers customers earn free travel on its flights. In addition, you get special privileges from various aviation and commercial companies in the world. Bonus points are accumulated including when you use the flights of all airlines involved in the alliance SkyTeam.

Another novelty from China Southern Airlines – “air travel”. Now passengers can plan their trip to China, buying only China Pass. You just need to buy a ticket to this country from any of the 13th  airlines members of SkyTeam. Then just make the first flight within China at least 3 days before departure. China Pass allows you to book further flights as soon as available. One such "ticket" includes 3 to 16 flight segments.

Only one of all Chinese airlines, China Southern offers passengers four classes of service: first class, business - class, premium economy and economy class. Everyone can choose the type of service that meets his needs and financial possibilities.

Country: China
Year established: 1988
Base airport: Guangzhou Baiyun Guilin Liangjiang, Guiyang Lundunbao, Beijing Capital, Xiamen Gaoqi, Divopu Urumqi, Wuhan Tianhe, Haikou Meilan, Changsha Huanghua, Zhuhai, Zhengzhou Xinzheng, Shantou Shantou, Shenyang Taoxian
Address: 278 Airport Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 510405, China
Telephone: +86 20 8612 0114
Fax: +86 20 8665 8984
Official website China Sounthern: www.cs-air.com