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Cu Lao Cham Islands
This amazing place located 2 hours far by ferry from Hoi An. Natural park and small archipelago consist from 8 islands. The only one inhabitant Hon Lao Island. Coming by ship more and more near to the islet you’ll see amazing deep blue waters. When you come in island you forget that this can be Vietnam. Such crystal blue waters with corals and reach sea life difficult to find somewhere else in the country. Wild nature full of green, monkeys teasing you, wonderful beaches with white and light yellow sand… will enhance you from the first view.

How to get Cu Lao Cham Island
There is two ways – by public ferry or speed boat from Hoi An. Local public ferry to Cu Lao Cham start 8.00 am and arrive 10.00 am. Sometimes it can delay for half hour. Price is 50.000 dong per person and 30.000 for motorbike or bicycle. For foreigners captains usually charge 100.000 dong per person but if you'll be strong and don't believe you can pay normal price. Of course first they will say no and wouldn't take money, but if after see that you know what's going on - will take. And if other tourist near you will be quite and don’t know price, captain without hesitating will take 100.000 dong.
Speedboat you can rent in any agency, hotel or even in port directly. One day trip with agency will cost about 25$ per person and include ferry and lunch without drinks. Travel time to island about half hour.
Public ferry and speed boat start from different ports. Public ferry start from Hoi An centre and make a stop in port outside the city.

Transportation in Cu Lao Cham Island
In Cu Lao Cham you can drive motorbike and bicycle and is easy bring them by ferry. Also you can rent bicycle or scooter in island. BUT roads unbelievable bad in island! It seems after war bombing they forget to repair roads only in island. And also roads going up-down all the way. In some parts scooter can move only one person or even sometimes you need to go down yourself. And simply you can break your motorbike because need to press gas so much. With bicycle the same – you will need to go out on every hill to drive it up. So we suggest better to start walk in island and totally enjoy nature. Especially first beach that is good for snorkelling Bai Xep is very near to the port.

Accommodation in Cu Lao Cham Island
Island offer nice home stay in houses with sea view and prices about 200.000 dong (10$). Even in ferry you can already get offer to stay in somebody’s guest house and receive visit card. Near port you can find some home stays. Also more far in island near diving station you also can find where to stay but is reasonable only if you stay for long time.

What to do in Cu Lao Cham Island
In weekend island full of tourists, so if you want to relax and don’t like mess of people better visit island any other day. Territory of all island and surrounded islets include in Marine Park. Here you can find countless sea habitants, corrals, monkeys, butterflies and a lot of wild nature with virgin beaches. Sea life of course not like in Red sea but for Vietnam very beautiful. If you want party, lights and loud music - this wouldn't be interesting for you. If you want to unite with nature, swim in amazing blue crystal waters, snorkelling, walking and calm rest - this is your place.
Day time is perfect for snorkelling, diving, swimming, tanning, walking and exploring island. More far from port you can find diving center. Also you can buy or rent mask for snorkelling. Rent per day will cost about 40.000 dong. Also you can visit Hai Tang pagoda of island and cave Hang Ba. In morning working market near port where you can find a lot of souvenirs and decorations from shells, dry fish and some other souvenirs. There also you can but some interesting seafood even still alive, in some places they even can cook it for you directly. Also you can rent a boat that will make for you a trip around islands.
Generally there is nothing to do in evening. You can walk near port, sing karaoke, make photos and actually in this area that's all. Is good time to relax your mind, read book or play some games.

Beaches of Cu Lao Cham Island
Near port there are tree beaches: Bai Ong, Bai Xep and Bai Chong. Bai Ong good beach, located left side from port, and from right side: Bai Xep – with white sand and picturesque stones and blue waters, ideal for snorkelling and Bai Chong beach with light yellow sand and palms around. Some other beaches you can access only by boat.

Where to eat in Cu Lao Cham Island
Near port there are two cafe-restaurants where you can find a lot of tourists. In some other houses you’ll see the advertising for food – is more traditional Vietnamese style restaurant with home food. And usually at your guest house you can order to cook for you dinner. In other side of island near diving center you’ll also find place to eat.