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Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines was founded in the United States in 1928 in Louisiana. The following years company has already made its first flight. In 2009 the company opened a route to Australia. And now Delta is the only U.S. carrier that can provide flights in either direction, on all continents (except Antarctica). Thanks to the services of the enterprise, you can always get to North and South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australia. The company's headquarters is located in the state of Georgia in Atlanta.

Nowadays Delta is the 2nd largest company with number of passenger traffic (in the world) and takes 1st place in civil transport between the U.S. and Europe across the Atlantic Ocean (among airlines of America). As part of the company's 70,000 employees are to serve 160 million passengers a year. Carrier has a high status and is a partner in the largest association «Sky Team». Delta has codeshare agreements with American Eagle, Avianca, China Airlines, Midwest Airlines and Royal Air Maroc.

Daily Delta has 16,000 flights to 368 destinations in 66 countries. Scope of work speaks for itself. Transit nodes flights are New York, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Amsterdam, Memphis, Tokyo, Paris, Detroit, Minneapolis and Cincinnati.

Delta fleet are about 500 of their own aircraft and 348 aircraft leased. Air park presented with the following flights: Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 757-200, Boeing 757-200 (with live TV), Boeing 757-200ER (transatlantic), Boeing 767-300, Boeing 767-300ER, Boeing 767-400E, Boeing 767-400ER (transatlantic), Boeing 777-200, Boeing 777-200LR, MD-90, MD-88.

Cabins of the aircraft are equipped in the latest way and are divided into two classes of service: business-elite and economy.

Class business-elite has 35 seats. Leather seats of the each seat have a width of 47 cm, back angle - 160 ˚. The distance between rows - 152 cm, you'll feel comfortable having a large amount of personal space. In armchairs equipped with electronically controlled integrated video screen backlight which can be adjusted according to your wishes. Interior video library includes 250 different movies, 100 television programs and 50 hours NBO channel, children's programs and video games. Furthermore, each seat embedded euro standard plug and interface USB. You will be available wireless Internet and the new Delta «video on demand".

On the way you will become hungry, and then you can enjoy from the culinary delights from celebrity chef Michael Bernstein. Lunch consists of 5 courses. In addition you should definitely be given a wine list. Dinner includes one free drink. If you want to continue the fun you can order additional drinks - for a fee. On flights from the United States provided a complimentary breakfast, and on flights to the United States - a complimentary dinner. The meal is selected by each passenger individually.

Registration passengers in business class occurs in separate racks. To spend time until the time of departure of the aircraft can you can stay in the hall.

In the economy class cabin you will find the necessary comfort and decent service. On board there are 174 leather seat with width 46 cm, distance between rows of seats is 84 cm. Each passenger is issued ear plugs, eye glasses and headphones. During the flight, you and your children will not be bored. Economy class passengers are available movies and games, including interactive. If desired, you can organize collective game with the other passengers. It diversifies the flight and create a mood.

Passengers special food available, if it is booked in advance. Just as in business class during lunch issued one free drink. Snacks and hot dishes to choose from you are provided, so that no one will be hungry!

In Vietnam Delta Air Lines serve such destinations as Taipei, Seoul to Hanoi, Seoul - Ho Chi Minh City.

The official international name: Delta Air Lines ("airline Delta");
Country: United States;
Basic airports: Cincinnati, Salt Lake City and Airport. John F. Kennedy in New York;
Official Delta Air Lines web-site: www.delta.com
E-mail: corporatecommunications@delta-ai
Phone: Tel. (1-404) 715-2600
Fax: (1-404) 715-5494
Loyalty program for regular customers - SkyMiles