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Flights from Australia to Vietnam

Geographically Australia doesn’t very far from Vietnam, it’s only 3,468 miles or  5 581 km far away. Cheap flights in Vietnam you can find from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and other cities of Australia. Direct flights fly only from Sydney and Melbourne, from other cities you can find good connecting flights. If there is no direct flight in Vietnam our system automatically will offer best variants of connecting flights. In this case notice waiting time between flights, to have enough time to change flights.

There is direct flight from Sydney to Ho Chi Minh, flying time 8 hours 59 minutes. From Melbourne there is also direct flight to Ho Chi Minh, flying time almost the same - 8 hours 49 minutes. Rotes are providing with Vietnam Airlines and Qantas air companies.

Connecting flights from Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide or other cities of Australia in Vietnam most possible will be via Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

If you need internal flights in Vietnam our system also will offer you best prices for domestic low costs.

Direct Flights from Australia to Vietnam

Sydney, Melbourne - Ho Chi Minh by Vietnam Airlines, Qantas
Flights from Vietnam to Australia

A Snapshot of SYDNEY

In 1788 when Arthur Phillip captained the First Fleet from Britain to reach the new land discovered by Captain James Cook in 1770, he could not have imagined that one day the modern metropolis of Sydney would be the result. Founded as a settlement for English prisoners, more than two centuries later Sydney has become the economic, cultural and tourist hub of Australia.

For international tourists, Sydney is a must-visit thanks to its one-of-a-kind blend of urban and natural attractions, with 70 beaches, national parks in the surrounding suburbs and scenic roads that straddle seas and mountains.

We can advice to spend in Sydney at least one week to really get a feel for the city. However, if only have a few days still design a schedule  you can that allows you to visit some of the top sites and sample all that Sydney has to offer.

Your first destination should be Jackson Harbour, where you can see the iconic Sydney Opera House, traverse the renowned Sydney Harbour Bridge and stroll through charming surrounding streets before stopping an outdoor restaurant on the shoreline to enjoy barbecue and pints of Australian beer.

Sydney Opera House is instantly recognizable by its series of large "shells" forming the roof Designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, the Opera House is considered one of the outstanding architectural works of the 20th century and hosts ballet, concerts and contemporary arts from Australia and around the globe.

Just across the harbour from the opera House is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, opened in 1932 and connecting The Rocks area with the lower North Shore. It is the tallest steel arch bridge in the world, measuring 134 meters from top to water level, and is the sixth-longest spanning arch bridge in the world.

Incorporating both traffic and railway lanes, Sydney Harbour Bridge is also an ideal walkway for a stroll. The more adventurous can take a guided tour to climb the giant steel beams to the top and take in the magnificent
panorama of Sydney Harbour The Opera House and Harbour Bridge together make a perfect tourist introduction to Sydney and are still popular with locals as well, particularly on New Years Eve when the sky and the harbour are lit up with radiant fireworks.

East of the Sydney Opera House are the Royal Botanic Gardens where you can stroll among huge centennial trees and lie down on velvet lawns to watch the sunset dapple through darkened leaves There is a famous stone in the shape of a couch known as the couch of Madam Macquarie which makes a perfect vantage point for gazing at Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House draped in urban lights.

You can then take a ferry water taxi or antique sailboat to visit Fort Denison located at the entrance to Sydney Harbour This 150-year-old fort was once aiding site of the aboriginals then a funereal prison under Governor Arthur Phillip Today, it is a historical museum with a frequently crowded restaurant Reaching Fort Denison. Visitors are welcomed with ancient bronze cannon at the doorstep before entering a restaurant decorated in fin-de-siecle style and serving signature Australian dishes and fine wine.

On the next day, plan to visit The Rocks and walk its gravelled roads where the first prisoners and migrants from England in the First Fleet gathered The Rocks is an outdoor museum that summarizes the history of Sydney and Australia, home to sandstone houses, small cabins and the oldest taverns in Australia. Flea markets are held here on weekends, where lucky visitors can spot out some priceless antiques amidst the masses of second-hand goods.

Next, head out for some leisure time on Bondi Beach one of the choicest beaches in Sydney, where you can help but spend your entire day sunbathing, swimming or catching a few waves. In even a short time, Sydney will make an unforgettable impression.