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Hai Van Pass
Hai Van Pass is the most picturesque way through the highest mountain of the Truong Son mountain range that is share border with South China Sea. Hai Van can be translated like Ocean Cloud. This is the way between Lang Co village and Da Nang city. If you decide to conquer the mountain pass it will offers for you the most beautiful and amazing views that you can find in Vietnam roads. It will be a very interesting challenge for those who like adventures.

About in the middle of the pass you can see a small tower, near remnants from the war as gun tower and big touristic stop point with a lot of cafes and souvenirs. Long time ago King Le Thanh Tong stopped at the top of the scenic mountain and was enjoying all beauty around. In poetry you can find that Hai Van named the "the most marvellous wonder". After King Minh this name was engraved on the stone gate built in the Pass.

Hai Van Pass has a length more than 20km, the road through the pass was built in the French colonial period. In the past the Hai Van Tunnel wasn’t exist and the road through the pass always scare drivers. Tunnel was opened in 2005. Nowadays more empty mountain pass is used mostly by motorcycles. And it becomes popular way for tourists to enjoy breath taking views.

From the Hai Van Pass travellers can enjoy panoramic city views of the Da Nang, its long sandy beaches and Son Tra peak cowered by clouds from one side and from other side picturesque Lang Co fishing village with its amazing blue lagoon.

If you get a chance try the travel experience by riding on Hai Van Pass to feel rich of nature and landscape of Vietnam.