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Nha Trang Flights

Nha Trang is possible to call center of touristic life or one of the most popular resort city of Vietnam and this is the reason it has own international airport Cam Ranh (CXR). Is quite new and located 30 km far from the city. To get Nha Trang from airport by taxi will cost about 20$ and you can take fixed rate taxi. Trip will take about 30-40 minutes. Also you can take bus that is going to the old airport located inside the city, ticket will cost about 2$. The cheapest fkights to Nha Trang is from other main Vietnam airports.

Nha Trang is beautiful and active city with developed infrastructure. Main street is parallel the beach and call Tran Phu Street. Promenade is nice as day time so evening, it has nice roads, children playgrounds and other facilities. Main touristic zone can be limited with parallel the beach Hung Vuong and Nguyen Thien Thuat streets and perpendicular Biet Thu и Nguyen Thi Minh Khai. This is “European area” totally full with cafes, hotels and guest houses, shops and touristic agiencies, everybody speak English. Few cheap hotels you can find by sign 64 Tranh Phu.

Opposite Nha Trang located entertainment park on island Vinpearl. There you can get buy boat or longest cable car above the sea in the world. Ticket available all day. In the city you can also visit ancient Po Nagar Ttemples and sitting Budha (entrance from Phat Hoc Street). In evening live in city become even more active, start work cafes with music directly on the beach sand, different restaurants sometimes make promotions for clients as cheap beer or sea food buffet with fixed price. Touristic agencies sell tours to islands not far from Nha Trang and other entertain program. On the beach you also can make some sea sport.

If you like touristic places, active holidays and night life – Nha Trang for sure you place. From Nha Trang airport in Cam Ranh only 220 km to Mui Ne and Phan Thiet – also popular resorts with bungalow new the sea. Cheap flights to Nha Trang you can find in our site.

International Direct Flights to Nha Trang
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Domestic Direct flights to Nha Trang
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